Monday, 22 March 2010

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

rough cut of thriller

Last Lesson Of Editing

This is our last lesson to edit our film and we need to:
  • Edit the font of the credits
  • Put the voice over onto final cut and in the right place
  • Add the music from garage band
  • Make it a quicktime
These are all the things we have to do to finish our thriller opening, we will have enough time to do all this in this lesson as well as watching it through to make sure everything is exactly how we want it and tweaking parts of it.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

review of feedback

We had a lot of feedback saying that our film needs a bit of rendering, there was one short clip that wasn't rendered, so we can render that next time we edit.
We also had feedback that sound was needed, we have created our soundtrack and need to add it to our film. We also have recorded a monologue that is read by Josie to read over the top of the soundtrack, this will make the storyline clearer and should put an end to any confusion.
There were a couple of comments about the cuts. They could be slowed down, and we will try that out next time we edit.

group feedback

Good feedback-
Q1-10 -
Good use of cuts from Josie running to scenic view. Very effective.
Q1-09 -
Nice establishing shots.
Q1-08 -
Nice setting, good shots. Gripping clips of murder? Interesting.
Q1-07 -
Very, very good cinematography. Great flashing shots. Thrills, good.
Q1-12 - Good establishing shots, nice angles.

Constructive Criticism -
Q1-10 -
Film needs a bit of rendering. Add soundtrack. Cuts are quite fast, slow it down a bit?
Q1-09 -
Cuts need to be modified.
Q1-08 -
Of course the sound is needed. Needs more rendering
Q1-07 -
Needs some kind of soundtrack, something mysterious? A little too confusing.
Q1-12 -
Storyline needs to be more clear. Sound needed.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Editing Day Two

Today we have to give in our rough draft. We plan to put the credits in the begining of the film opening which we have already finished editing, record our voice over and also make a track on garage band for the begining of the opening.